Okeedokee. Thanks for your enquiry about putting a show on at Bloc. Here’s the basics for you, the external promoter. We realise life is short, but PLEASE READ THIS as it will save us half a dozen emails further down the line…

1. There is NO hire fee at BLOC+ and we pay the engineer as well as ALL performers. That said, we will only entertain bookings that are deemed likely to run smoothly and attract good bands and a good audience. The fee for the event should negotiated with us beforehand to enable you to pay your acts, costs, self, etc and will be paid and signed for by bands/promoter on the night of the show.

Let us know your expected financial requirements as early as possible. We will also provide food for TOURING bands (veggie/vegan let us know in advance) and a drinks rider for all of your acts. Again, tell us how many are involved in advance please.

NOTE: ALL ACTS MUST BE PAID! Any stories of promoters not paying a performer will result in the promoter being barred from venue and their name generally dragged through the dirt.

2. Due to the unorthodox format of BLOC+ and our experiences with different approaches, we ask that promoters book no more than two acts for their shows, to make sure audience attention is at maximum and that we can pay all bands a decent fee instead of pennies. We are more than open to any DJ slots that might come after and if you have an idea for something extra special which may involve a late slot please feel you can approach us about it. Our license runs until 3am every night and thus sometimes gig-clashes can be avoided by running a band after another big show finishes opening up the potential for after-shows.

3. BLOC+ is always free entry.

4. Our standard gig running times are as follows (please contact us regarding live Saturday shows):

- Parking is free on Waterloo St. at side of bar from 6pm so arrive any time from then for any food, drinks or to generally relax a bit. (If you have arranged dinner as part of a touring band’s rider please be aware that the kitchen closes at 8.30pm so they need to arrive in plenty of time to eat.)

- The Sound engineer will arrive at 7.45 to meet you, get details of the show and make any preparations.

- At 8.30 the stage area will be cleared and the closing/main act will be invited to load their gear into venue and sound-check. The rest of the venue space will be cleared by 9pm and the first band will be asked to set up and LINE-CHECK as soon as the others are done.

- The first act should ideally start at 9.45

- Generally speaking concerts are expected to finish by midnight, though earlier finishes can be organised to accommodate last trains from Queen Street (5-10 min walk) and Central Station (5-10 mins walk).

5. BLOC+ has regular custom and, since a bad gig could effectively not only bomb but scare away our passing trade, we need to make sure any event is worth our while. Therefore the promoter (chris@cloc.ru) needs to hear the bands involved in your show and be kept totally up to date on the arrangements for the event to ensure it is going to benefit the venue. That doesn’t mean we only like mainstream stuff. It just means we need to make sure the event is a viable enterprise for ourselves and is being promoted properly. We absolutely want to support and host good music of many varied genres. To that end, our PR whiz Halina (halina@bloc.ru) will also ensure good social network support for events and you should CC her in on anything and everything that will be useful for promotion. We have a big following so DON’T SKIP THIS STEP PLEASE. Ta.

6. BLOC+ does not book live bands on Friday nights. On special occasions some Saturday clubs will feature a live act but this must be arranged and agreed upon with the venue well in advance.

7. Yes we have a full PA. There are two existing monitor mixes (and the option for additional sends) plus numerous mics, stands and DI boxes (full technical specifications are online at www.bloc.ru/tech-specs ). Capacity for the room is estimated at about 160. We also have facilities for projecting visuals behind the stage (VGA/HDMI sends preferred).

8. Generally speaking we encourage promoters/bands to provide their own backline. We have a limited array of equipment on site but it takes a regular kicking and as such is really intended for emergencies only. We’ll do everything we can to help you organise gear share with whoever else is playing to minimise hassle and clutter, but if back-line is going to be a problem let us know AS SOON AS POSSIBLE please.

9. We are a restaurant during the day and the place will likely be filled with diners when you first arrive. That being so, we are very limited in the length of sound-checks we can provide. Again we’ll do our absolute best to give bands as much time as possible but if you positively MUST have a set amount of time for a specific group please give us some warning. An efficient load-in and set-up always help and don’t worry, our engineers are very capable, used to the room and good judges of how things will sound, even with just basic line checks. If the gig involves an unusual set-up or special requirements, drop us a line with details in advance. We’ll pass them on to the relevant dogsbody.

10. Lastly, just to avoid any misunderstandings and to try and maximise the publicity for your show or event , the promotional duties break down as follows :


- Promoters are expected to announce their show using social media, including creating a Facebook event to which BLOC+ is then invited (so we can then invite our many pals). The event should include links to music and videos of artists in question wherever possible and Halina (halina@bloc.ru) should be invited and CC’d on all relevant social media material to help you reach as big an audience as possible.

- Promoters must confirm the line-up for their event as early as possible (4 weeks minimum unless otherwise agreed) to enable it to be included in BLOC+’s magazine listings and advertising.

- Promoters should try to provide us with a poster design for the event and with as much notice as possible. Posters should be of sufficient resolution to print at A3 and preferably in black and white to minimise expense. Any problems creating a poster, let us know in advance.  Posters must include DATE, “BLOC” NAME AND ADDRESS (see below), FREE ENTRY, START TIME, NAME OF ANY ARTISTS and preferably a short description of the artists/style of music being performed and/or DJ’d. BLOC+ will pay for the printing of posters and help with distribution but it helps if the promoter will take on half of the postering run to help widen the scope of places targeted


- BLOC+ will arrange for and finance the printing of posters (and any additional promotional materials agreed on in advance) and then see that half of the postering run is distributed across Glasgow as discussed above.

- BLOC+ will utilise its online reach to widen that event’s audience as much as possible.

- Your event will be advertised and listed with as much detail as is available to us through the BLOC+ website (www.bloc.ru).

- BLOC+ will include your event in as much external advertising as possible as well as in our gig flyer and and additional publicity materials.

- Your gig will be advertised on the various posters/leaflets in and around the venue.

Any questions, give us a shout. Thanks!


BLOC+, 117 Bath Street, Glasgow, G2 2SZ – (+44)  141 574 6066 -   www.bloc.ru

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