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About this event:

Created by Halina Rifai

A new year, a new Stretched (well, in the same way that time has physically moved forward… or has it? Professor Brian Cox would know). Jesus my cat just crept up on me and scared me shitless!
Anyway, without further ado, this month we present Not Now Charlie:

The roots of this Newcastle based band are set in the Jazz world but they draw on their mutual love of many other genres such as Rock, Neo Soul, Pop and R&B. Expect the perfect mix of Jazz harmony with infectious grooves and memorable melodies, all topped off with the excitement of improvisation. 

“Awesome contemporary jazz… expect soaring sax solos interspersed with mad guitar licks.”
(Harkirit Boparai, The Basement Jazz Club)

The band features Jamie Toms (Sax), Pavel Jedrzejewski (Guitar), Richard Campbell (Piano), Liam Gaughan (Bass) and Dave McKeague (Drums).

“….yes their music is full of bright melodies and enjoyable grooves but they’re not shackled by them. In the musical world of Not Now Charlie there’s always something of interest going on. “

“Not Now Charlie know how to write an intoxicating melody”
(John Marley, Jazz in York)

“Superb playing by all five. This is a band to catch again and again”
(Lance Liddle, Bebopspokenhere)

That’s probably more good reviews than I’ll ever have.

Back to redeem themselves and half of the tunes they “played” in December (for support this time thankfully) are half of “The Noise Complaints”, featuring James “I used to have a studio don’t you know” Steele, Mark “someone please give me a gig for my better than average music” Hendry, Mark “that cute little drummer from Maaanran” Scobbie and Fergus “ultimate slayer in at least two ways” McCreadie. Grand.

Music starts at 9.30pm on the dot like, free entry, nice pizzas and also free beer if you know where to look.

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