Wonk Unit + The Kimberly Steaks + Aerial Salad

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About this event:

Created by Hannah Thompson

Dammit Presents:

Wonk Unit

Words cannot describe how awesome Wonk Unit are! After a sold out show last year in Bloc+, Daddy Wonk himself has requested another ferocious and sweaty affair! Wonk Unit embody everything that is great about the DIY punk scene and do so through catchy tunes with a strong statement on our current social and political climate. Easily one of the best Punk bands in the UK right now, nothing more needs said.


The Kimberly Steaks

The Kimberly Steaks are known for lighteneing fast tracks with singalong choruses. They can make the bleakest of subject matters sound like a bed of roses. Perpare your vocal chords for plenty of ‘oooooo’s’. They are nothing like Greenday at all so don’t even think about saying they are. Long live the steaks!


Aerial Salad

Aerial Salad are a reletively new band on the UK punk rock circuit but holy shit have they achieved a lot in the past couple years. They are currently preparing for the release of their debut album which I can tell you first hand, is an absolute banger and will definitely be a contender for album of the year! Plus Jamie is a super nice guy who really enjoys making no money on his T-Shirts. Be nice, buy merch, support the scene, be awesome.


Please note that this is going to be an incredibly busy gig and running to a very tight time schedule. Please get down early to avoid dissapointment. The first band will be on at 9pm sharp and we aim to have all bands finished up shortly after 11pm. I respect that people are going to be travelling to this show and have buses/trains to catch so we aim to have all bands on sharp and finished up by 11.10pm to ensure last trains etc can be caught.

November 15th 2017
Free Entry
Doors 8.30pm

Drink Promos from £2.
Late Night Pizzas.
Punk Rock Attitude.
Strictly Nae Bams, Nae Dicks, Nae shitting in the urinals.

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