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About this event:

Created by Hannah Thompson

Cornerstoned Presents:

Elevant are coming up the road from Liverpool to deliver a fantastic night of live music with support from Tongue Trap.

Elevant are a visceral, exciting and smart rock band. Able to blend genres effortlessly whilst always retaining their own sound that can kick you in the gut or softly soothe (on occasion), they spin dark tales of modern day disillusionment. They combine crushing riffs with warped sonic textures and irresistible grooves, all whilst maintaining a knack for infectious hooks. Their new EP has seen widespread acclaim, as well as playlist spots on radio stations such as KEXP and KCRW in the US, as well as others worldwide.

“Elevant unleash a flurry of riotous rock cuts to make all┬ásit up and pay attention” – Getintothis

Tongue Trap are a Glasgow band making grungy riffs about everything from period pants to the human condition. They’re latest release ‘Girl Crush’ features 5 punchy tracks full of tongue-in-cheek lyrics,and the sweetest harmonies you ever did hear.

Elevant – Inhale/Exhale

Tongue Trap – Taco Tuesday


117, Bath Street

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