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About this event:

Created by Halina Rifai

This month, following on from some songs that were (according to Liam Shortall) all about dildos, we present Mig from the minds of Dorian CloudsleyYoo-anne Laiueng and ultimate LAD Giancarlo Tammaro

Spawned in the hellfires of Jumpin Jacks, Sauchiehall Street, backing that guy from BBC River City. Mig escaped a troubled childhood dissapointingly empty promises of hog roasts and an audience comprised solely of the singing kettle people by forging their own musical identity.

Yearning for the childhood they never had the band’s music is steeped in nostalgia of people born between 1988 and 1990. 

Expect synths, bass, guitars, drums, weird noises, counting, crying, sighing, tenderness and the bands signature lack of witty banter as they take you through a voyage of sonic explorations.

Bring earplugs.

I shall indeed be sporting my finest fluoresent pink/yellow earplugs alongside Fergus McCreadieMark Hendry and some sort of drummer that we haven’t found yet. Can you hit drums? Get in touch.

Music starts at 9.30pm!

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