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About this event:

Created by Halina Rifai

NF Promotions presents:

Miami Monroe:
Green Day, blink-182 & Sum 41, These were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect pop-punk band. But Professor Bawbag accidentally
Added an extra ingredients to the concoction–
Tonic Wine.

Thus, Miami was born
Using their middle of the road octave techniques
Jamie, Stuart, Brendan, Jonathan and Jordan,
have dedicated their lives to writing catchy riffs, bangin chorus’ and sweet sweet offbeat pauses

Crashes, from Inverclyde. Their sound is a blend of pop and rock – big riffs, surging rhythms and anthemic melodies. They take influence from a wide range of artists including Taylor Swift, Thrice, LOWER THAN ATLANTIS, Bon Iver and Turnover. They are relatively new to playing shows as a band, but are eager to get their music into as many ears as possible (human or otherwise – it’s all the same to them).

This show is free entry and bands will be on from just after 9pm.

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