Teenage Riot Presents: Vasa + Shambles In A Husk

Events > 2014 > December > Teenage Riot Presents: Vasa + Shambles In A Husk

About this event:

Created by Halina Rifai


“…and that’s probably the best way to describe their set, it’s bursting with passion, intensity, and sheer power, Vasa are one of the best post-rock band’s Scotland has ever saw.

” ‘Never Have Dreams’ is a masterpiece of elegance and sovereignty. The emotional extremes are abundant and wading through them is one of the most triumphant listening pleasures I have had all year. My EP of the year ”

Shambles In A Husk
Ex members of Crusades, Darien venture and Super adventure club. Hardcore, metal, punk. “Could Shambles in a Husk get any heavier? Yes, with ‘Man Kind of Disappeared’, the opening sequence is a rip snorting onslaught of raging guitars and drums. There’s a recall to ASIWYFA’s Letters e.p., the moment they fully embraced the notion of mathematical rock. I can only imagine the kind of limb shaking this would induce at their gigs.”

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