TariboWest #8 XMAS PARTY: Alpha Male Tea Party + Cleft

Events > 2014 > December > TariboWest #8 XMAS PARTY: Alpha Male Tea Party + Cleft

About this event:

Created by Halina Rifai

Raise your arms and do your best Noddy Holder impression. IT’S CHRISTMAS!!!!

TariboWest has made it Christmas unsullied and bloated with amazing music. And this one is sure to make him burst.

On December 10th the two premier, fantastic, amazing, pant-droppingly awesome math bands in the country will be joining force for about the 15th time and coming to Bar Bloc in Glasgow and doing a music until you can’t takes no more.

Alpha Male Tea Party and Cleft are your surprise Christmas present. Shout joy and give thanks by buying me lots of pints for booking such a ridiculous gig.

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