Snack Family + Herbert Powell + Antique Pony

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About this event:

Created by Halina Rifai

Snack Family
“Sleazier than Waits out on the pull with the Fat White clan, SF make the kind of leather-clad perv-rock that should be filed somewhere between The Amazing Snakeheads and Lurie’s 1980s art-jazzers The Lounge Lizards.” NME

“If Nick Cave was the lead singer of Morphine it would have sounded like Snack Family…we dare to say that these boys will grow into a highly respected act in the underground scene.” NOISEY

“Snack Family’s music oozes, with bleeting baritone sax accompanying rhythms that couldn’t pass a breathalyser test, combined with gruff vocals…An unlikely middle ground between Battles and The Birthday Party.” QUIETUS

Herbert Powell
Simultaneous projections of upbeat slacker pop and abrasive, discordant gropes into musical white space.

antique pony

Snack Family (5 Nov)
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