Shriek Appeal III – Season of The Riff

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About this event:

Created by Halina Rifai

Parade your pumpkins, bob for Balkans and graveyard stomp at Glasghouls gravest hit spinning, dead raisin’, corpse paintin’, brain meltin, funeral fun palace – Shriek Appeal

Join hands and dont break the circle as the Unholy 3 raise the dead!

Vampiro Insano – She dont suck face, she just sucks blooooood

Tiger Masque of The Red Sauce – Back from the grave to blow your mind into brain chups

Richfinder General – Bloody Judge of Doom finds you guilty of being a false. Take them to the tree!!

Together playing only the finest in rock n’ roll, rockabilly, punk, rotten corpse soul, garage, punk n’ roll, blues, , sleaze rock, cadaver calypso, wham bam glam, deid disco, 60′s girl group sounds and bearded riffery

The altar of rockrifice commences at 11pm.
Dress to kill, drink to forget, dance to impress, die of a wolf bite

Pyosified pizza, butchering beer and “eeh whit ar eyou meant to be?” ALL. NiGHT. LONG!!!!



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