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About this event:

Created by Halina Rifai

Auxes (Germany)
This German bunch of lotahrios hit Bloc. Their tight muscular music hits without a sliver of excess fat, this is razor-sharp absurdity.

GREAT COP (Glasgow)
“PUNK ROCK; eurgh! Right? Well, absolutely. But, occasionally, ‘eurgh’ in the most glorious way. Sloppy guitars, crashing drums and huge youthful, emo-tinged choruses that remind us of past glories when we could say fuck you! to anyone and anything and just not care. Who am I kidding, that never ever happened, but listening to Spanish City, the new EP from Glasgow’s Great Cop, makes me believe that it did, and indeed still could, happen.” – GoldFlakePaint

Glasgow alt rock 2-piece who seek infuence from the likes of DFA1979, Cloud Nothings and Hot Snakes.

AUXES copy
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