Eat > Bloc > Sleep > Repeat!

On December 9th, Social Bite are inviting 9,000 people to Princes Street Gardens for the World’s largest ever sleepout – Sleep In The Park

Social Bite has a solid plan to eradicate homelessness over a 5 year period by providing people with housing, rehabilitation, job opportunities and the support they need to get back on their feet.

Bloc will be one of the many organisations and individuals taking part. All our staff are doing their bit and we are aiming to raise £3000!

We have a host of different activities ahead of this month, the first one being: EAT > BLOC > SLEEP > REPEAT.

Thanks to the following people:

who have donated our ingredients for free for a delicious dish that will be on our menu full-time for the next month.

100% OF ALL PROCEEDS from this dish will go towards our Sleep In The Park fund.

So what is it?



Our homemade, marinated grilled Tikka chicken kebabs with fresh salad and pittas are £5. They are delicious, healthy, hearty and full of flavour. To reiterate, ALL proceeds from this will be going to our Sleep In The Park fund.


This is available NOW from Bloc and we have limited stocks each day so once gone, you will have to come back the next day!

If you are not able to pop in for food, or just want to donate, you can find out donation page at: http://bit.ly/BlocSleepInThePark

Stay tuned for more from us too, we have lots more up our sleeve!

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