Right, so the good news is we’re going to be working together… Here are some basic things you should know. Please have a quick read so we can hopefully avoid any problems on the night.

1. BLOC+ generally does NOT provide musical “back-line”. The bands we book are judged to be of a level of professionalism that they should have access to their own equipment. We’ll do everything we can to help you organise gear share with whoever you might be playing with to minimise hassle and clutter, but if back-line is going to be a problem let us know AS SOON AS POSSIBLE please.

For the record, bands that share gear are the greatest. Bands that turn up without basic breakables (guitars, cymbals, snare etc) are pure evil and will be euthanized.

We DO have limited equipment on site for emergencies but clearly it takes a bruising and thus is really not ideal for a great-sounding gig. However, if your kick drum explodes, just tell us.

*NOTE – YES we do have a P.A. and microphones and plug sockets… duh! See www.bloc.ru for a full tech spec.

2, We are a restaurant during the day and the place will likely be filled with diners when you first arrive. That being so, we are very limited in the length of sound-checks we can provide. Again we’ll do our absolute best to give you as much time as possible but if you positively MUST have a set amount of time to organise yourselves please give us some warning. An efficient load-in and set-up always help and don’t worry, our engineers are very capable, used to the room and good judges of how things will sound, even with just basic line checks. If you have an unusual set-up or special requirements, feel free to drop us a line with details. We’ll pass them on to the relevant dogsbody.


BLOC+ is an unorthodox venue and we keep unorthodox hours. Bands familiar with European tours will probably recognise them.

- Parking on Waterloo St, next to the bar, is free from 6pm. For touring acts, if your rider includes dinner, please arrive promptly and relax for a bit.

- DO NOT load in until engineer tells you, usually around 8.30 when stage is set up.

- Closing acts will be offered a sound-check from 8.30 and then opening act will be asked to line check at 9.15.

- As of 2016, shows will generally kick off from 9.45 (first act) and end before midnight. Earlier finishes can be arranged to accommodate last trains (both main stations are just over a 5 minute walk from venue). Please warn us well in advance if this will be an issue.

*NOTE – If you have arranged dinner as part of a touring rider please be aware that the kitchen closes at 8.30pm so you need to arrive well in time for that.

5. It is possible to leave some gear in the venue overnight but please let us know in advance. Its not ideal as we are usually busy for lunch and don’t want your stuff going missing. In any event, any gear should be removed by midday at the latest the next day please.

6. We are open and playing tunes until 3am every night so feel free to stick around and get smashed.

7. If you booked the show we really expect you to make every effort to get people along and to get posters to us which we’ll make sure get circulated. If we invited you to play, we’ll take the bulk of responsibility for publicising the show but still appreciate you utilising the various modern means of communication to get the word out and bring people to the concert. It is free entry after all and our bar staff are unspeakably gorgeous.

8. If you’re on tour, please make sure you know where you are staying, whether it is via us or pals. Hopefully this will have been sorted in advance but just in case…

9. If you’re having ANY problems at all prior to the show or if you get lost/stuck in traffic, ring the bar directly on +44 (0)141 574 6066 or in emergencies please call Chris on 07767 625557

Well… that’s that out of the road. See you soon. Travel safe. We’re all looking forward to it.


                Bar Bloc, 117 Bath Street, Glasgow, G2 2SZ   www.bloc.ru

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