Blochestra & The Blas Collective Are Back!

We are going to argue that the best things may not actually come in small packages. Our relaunch sees Blochestra and The Blas Collective return to provide you with an eclectic and individual musical experience. 43118_large

Blochestra is one-of-a-kind. They are an ever evolving orchestra of sorts. Musicians from all skill levels and all professions come together to perform covers and original tracks. Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The National, Arcade Fire have all been interpreted in their own euphoric way and we are pleased that they are back.

The guys and gals will also be playing live in Bloc+ this month. If you want to get involved then pick up your instrument (even a rice shaker if need be) and meet this friendly collective. Many strong friendships and even relationships (ahem) have been formed so it just goes to show that music does breed love.


From Glasgow’s folk music hive of activity, the Blas Collective emerged in 2009 as a jam with a few friends.  Since then it has become an eclectic evening of folk, jazz, country, blues and some pop covers too.  Hosted by singers Jenn Butterworth, Laura-Beth Salter and Hamish Napier, expect to hear songs from the heart-wrenchingly sad to the just plain ridiculous.  Joined by fiddler Adam Sutherland, percussionist Steve Forman and often a few other musical pals, the group jam from basic charts and create on-the-spot arrangements, guaranteeing that every night will be a different experience – which is just the way Bloc+ likes it!

Upcoming Dates:


8th – The Blas Collective

15th – Blochestra Live

21st – Blochestra (join/rehearsal)

22nd – The Blas Collective

28th – Blochestra (join/rehearsal)

29th – Blochestra Live




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